Special Heinrich Himmler photo album Dachau

Special Heinrich Himmler presentation photo album. Flyleaf is specially printed to “Herrn Fregattenkapitan Otto Schulz in Commemoration of the visit with the SS on 25 April 1939”. Ink signed “H. Himmler” Reichsfuhrer SS. The album covers the visit of Himmler invited dignitaries who came to the Munich area to view the accomplishments of the SS. The 3 1/2″ x 4 5/8″ photos captured some of the highlights of the trip and each one is mounted on a separate page. Included are Himmler and staff leading invited guests (in civilian dress) along a wide avenue, guests having refreshments, Himmler and others reviewing inmates of Dachau Concentration Camp, visitors embarking from their buses, viewing workers at the Allach Porcelain Works, two photos of ranking military and SS personnel viewing war games, Himmler reviewing Waffen-SS soldiers in camouflage/combat gear, three photos of military guests at a banquet and a photo of a night time musical presentation by the Leibstandarte SS Music Corps. The album cover consists of a woven white linen fabric, with the same fabric “SS” runes mounted on a black center roundel. The inside covers and buffer pages are made of a translucent “holzwolle”. The back inside cover has the label of maker “FRIEDRICH FRANZ BAUER – G.M.B.H. – MUNCHEN – BERLIN…”. (The November 1938 Navy “Rangliste” shows Fregattenkapitan Otto Schulz as the Commander of the Northsea Naval Station. He later served as Commander of the Krim Area and received the Knights Cross for his 1944 evacuation of the 17th Army. The receipt of this award proved controversial as the Army did not view the operation in a favorable light. 5 3/4″ x 7 7/8″. Rare. I

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