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Auction 78 includes: a 15th Century jousting lance, 18th Century gold-inlayed “vambrace”, American Colonial period cannon, Napoleonic Wurttemburg shako, and German/French swords, 19th Century French cuirasses and helmets; antique guns: circa 1700 flint “dog-lock” scatter gun, English flint coach carbine with bayonet, Indian used “Brownbess”, flint and percussion pistols; U.S. Civil War Artillery tunic, swords – including a Confederate cavalry, images, equipment, testing cannon, rifles/carbines (Springfield, Sharps, Burnside, “Sutherland”/Virginia); Imperial German Kaiser Wilhelm porcelain plates, helmets (Prussian Garde zu Fuss officer), hats – Colonial Marine fore & aft, Tsing-tau pilot’s cap, etc.; uniforms – 17th Brunswick Hussar, Garde zu Fuss officer, etc.; aviation – WWI silver Pokol, Richthofen leather folder, Immelmann stein, swords – Prussian Garde officer, Bergbau, unusual Saxon officer, etc.; U.S. WWI medals, uniforms, headgear; U.S. WWII – Normandy Glider Pilot uniform grouping, USMC “Gung-ho” knife, V-44’s and British commando knives; Third-Reich personalities – Adolf Hitler silver gravy boat and table cover, Eva Braun porcelain plate, Hermann Goring drinking horn, flatware and porcelain plates; German WWII Reichs chancellory tapestry, peaked caps (Army Chaplain, Pioneer, Navy Coastal Artillery, etc.), helmets, medals and combat badges, daggers (NPEA officer, TN Jr., RAD, etc.), uniforms (Erich v. Bogen Colonel and General tunics, Luft mess dress uniforms, Waffen-SS Assault Gunner, “Frundsberg” and “Westland”; complete military career archive of Hans Juergen Auffermann, the sub commander of the U-514 (includes uniforms, photo albums, ID/career papers/letters, “Lorient” sub-pen trumpet banner, reference books, etc.); Japaese WWII and earlier samurai swords, German, Polish used Warsaw Insurrection helmet, American Indian bow/arrows/arrowheads; large collection of bayonets/edged weapons, etc.

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