Sample of items in Auction 82

Auction 82 includes: 15th Century jousting lance, 16th Century German executioner sword, Medieval “Falchion”, 17th Century French “small” sword; Napoleonic 1st Empire Court sword (with full “bee”), cavalry sword and large barracks wall eagle, US Barbary Wars cutlass (with patriotic motto), officer’s circa 1825 sword, Political/military buttons, Civil War armor chest plate, swords (eagle head, M1850 officer, Navy cutlass, etc.), belt buckles, Mass. “Minute Man Medals”; Imperial Austrian NCO helmet, shako, General’s fore-and-aft hat, Royalty “hirschfanger”; Imperial German shako circa 1820-40, M1918 Bavarian helmet, Prussian “ersatz” “pickelhaube”, Bavarian cuirass, misc. swords (Cavalry, Infantry, Navy), uniforms (Colonial troops, Cuirassier, Bavarian Garde Colonel), medals/orders (Lippe SteckKreuz, Hessen Golden Lion Order, etc.); Third-Reich – Adolf Hitler glasses, Eva Braun silver/porcelain, Himmler silverware, Goring personal items, Doenitz autographed war-time photo in silver frame, Luftwaffe “pokol”, etc.; Daggers – collection of SA, Luft. Condor Legion, Army, Luft., “Prinz Eugen” sword, bayonets, etc., Medals/badges – 1919 Stahlhelm Badge, Olympic Cross, Culture Badge, Social Welfare neck cross, “50” General Assault Badge, collection of shooting badges, etc.; Headgear – peaked caps (W-SS Artillery and Panzer, HJ Leader, Tradition Cavalry, Mt. Artillery, etc.), helmets – Army, Luft., “Org. Todt”, etc.), collection of Third-Reich flags (NSDAP, SA, RAD, HJ, etc.), Uniforms – named Army General, Luft. General Malzer’s flight tunic, SS Panzer “wrapper”, rare Police Officer “wrapper”, Anti-semitic posters and ephemera (for the scholar, collector and researcher); US WWII Ranger tunice grouping, CBI silk “chit”/related items, posters, cloth insignia, books, medals/badges, autographed Lindbergh photo, combat knives (modified WWI, OSS, VN); misc. bayonets (Belgian Engineers, French, German, Polish pre-WWII, etc.); Samurai swords, books and more.

Starting Bid: $100,000.00

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