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  • Automobile standard Prussian Kaiser Wilhelm II

    A2 Personal automobile standard of Prussian Kaiser Wilhelm II. Also with three other official fender flags used by the Kaiser when meeting with his Austrian counterpart, visiting the Duchy of Saxe-Alt ...

    Starting Bid: $10,000.00

  • Waffen SS black leather Panzer uniform

    A21 Waffen-SS black leather Panzer uniform. Includes: (1) Leather "wrapper" with two rows of six buttons each on the right front and two buttons on the left. Thread loops for two badges. Officer colla ...

    Starting Bid: $8,250.00

  • Prussian cuirassier Line Regiment armor

    R8 Prussian cuirassier line regiment, enlisted rank cuirass. Convex aged darkened chest form with a vertical center ridge, two protruding brass domed posts (for locking shoulder straps-not included) a ...

    Starting Bid: $750.00

  • Rare Civil War iron shirt armor breastplate

    K29 Rare Civil War "iron shirt", An innovative American concept based on the European cuirass of the period, variations of an armored vest were offered in publications as well as by sutlers who follow ...

    Starting Bid: $950.00

  • German WWII Police Gendarmerie uniform

    F19 Third Reich Police Gendarmerie Hauptmann uniform: (1) Quality green O.D. material. Four pockets with an orange piped brown collar, front and cuffs. High relief silver bullion eagle/swastika/wreath ...

    Starting Bid: $1,000.00

  • Lot of US WWII Asian Theater patches etc

    A58 Lot of US WWII Asian Theater items: (1) USAAF 14th AF, A - 2 jacket "patch". (winged tiger and star). 5" diameter, 5 - piece leather construction, was removed from jacket. (2) Unknown command "pat ...

    Starting Bid: $750.00